Slugfest Finale 12U Tournament  Baseball · Co-Ed Travel

Limited Spots
Fall 2019
Registration Dates:
Jul 26 ’19 – Oct 27 ’19 regular
Patriot Bats
Individual Fees
Regular $200.00 + 5.0% Processing Fee

This will be a one-day tournament.  Each team is guaranteed 2 games.  Two teams will get 3 games based on seeding.  NFHS rules will be in used for all games.  Schedules will be posted on or around the Wednesday prior to the tournament.  There will be no refunds 10 days prior to tournament start date.  Teams must have insurance and list as an additional insured the following.  Southern Maryland Bulldogs 530 Sonoma Ln. Prince Frederick, MD. 20678

Rain Policy

The following refund policy will apply.

If a team plays no games due to rainout, the team will receive a refund of their entry fee less a $50 administration charge.

If a team plays only one game due to rainout, the team will receive a refund of 50% of their entry fee.

If a team plays two games in the event, no part of the entry fee will be refunded.

We will schedule each participating team to play the minimum number of games stated for each tournament, weather and time permitting.

We will make every effort to prepare fields and play games if it rains. Teams should not assume games are canceled due to rain. They should come to the designated venue at the scheduled game time.

Tie Breaker

1.    Overall record

2.    Head-to-head

3.    Runs against

4.    Runs scored

5.    Coin toss


All games will be played under National Federation of State High Schools and as amended or emphasized in the following changes listed below:

1. Field size - 50/70

2. Seven (7) inning games - Four and one-half innings equals a completed game if home team is ahead, Five (5) innings if visiting team is ahead.

3. Mercy Rule - Twelve (12) run lead at Three and one-half innings (home team) or Four (4) innings (visiting team) Ten (10) run lead after Four and one-half innings (home team) or Five (5) innings (visiting team) eight (8) run lead after Five and one-half innings (home team) or Six (6) innings (visiting team)

4. Time Limits - No new inning after 1 hour 45 minutes

5. Pool Play - games can end in a tie, home team decided by coin toss or outlined on schedule.

6. Rosters - Your team roster must be completed and provided to the tournament official prior to playing your first game.  Roster must be submitted during registration. Roster size limit is 15 players.

7. Uniforms - All players must have a unique number displayed clearly on the back side of the jersey. Uniforms will consist of no less than a hat, jersey, and pants with all players on the team relatively matching.

8. Batting Order - No restrictions

9.  Pitching Restrictions:

  • Once a pitcher is removed as a pitcher then that player may not return to pitch in that game.
  • 2 defensive conferences per game not counting the removal of a pitcher will force a removal of a pitcher.

10. Balks - NO WARNINGS.

11. Bat Restrictions - None

12. Courtesy Runner - Optional anytime for pitcher or catcher, Runner should be last out or someone not in the game. Must be different runners for pitcher and catcher if used in the same inning.

13 Baseballs - Will be provided by tournament official

14. Ejection - Any Coach or player ejected from a game will be suspended from the next scheduled game.  Second ejection will result in tournament ejection. 

All Persons - Any person who demonstrates / implies in any manner or form physical or other types of threatening behavior towards and/or at any umpire, league official, coach, player, etc. may be suspended and restricted from all properties, games, events, activities, etc. the remainder of the tournament.

15. Reporting Scores - Each team will text the score immediately after each game.  Send text to 410-610-7226. 

16. Insurance - Each team must submit a copy of their team insurance certificate to the tournament official prior to the start of their first game.

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