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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can go to our website and from the drop down menu select Teams.  From there you can select your team to register.  Ex. 13U 20xx

Is there an opportunity to coach?

We are always looking for quality coaches.  If you are interested in joining our staff please see us at any tryout or contact Kris Franklin at to discuss opportunities.

Do you have a Recreational League?

Yes.  We offer a recreational league for baseball, softball, and basketball.  We are always looking to add sports to our organization. If you want to be involved in our league sports or if you have a specialty and want to help form other sports let us know.

Should I play Recreational baseball or other sports?

We highly encourage every player to play both.  It can only help you improve as an athlete.  In fact we have our own recreation league you can play in.

Do I have to attend all scheduled tryouts or evaluation?

For our travel program the answer is yes, and no.  We do not expect players to attend all tryouts but by attending multiple tryouts it gives the coaching staff the best chance to accurately evaluate each player.

For our Recreational League we always encourage players to come to at least one evaluation.  If for some reason you cannot come to any of the schedule evaluations it will not impact your ability to play.

How long does the fee cover? Fall and Spring?

The fee will cover operating expenses such as insurance and equipment as well as 5 to 7 tournaments.  If your team chooses to play three tournaments in the fall then your team may need to fundraise to play more tournaments in the spring.

How do uniforms work and what do they consist of?

All uniforms are ordered online and separate from your player fees.  They consist of.

  1. Blue sublimated jersey
  2. White sublimated jersey
  3. Hat
  4. Helmet
  5. Bat Pack
  6. White and grey pants with Royal blue piping.

What age teams do you have?

We are projecting to have multiple teams at multiple levels.  Check out the team tab to see what specific teams we have.  Of course we are striving for teams at all ages 8-18.

What age group should my child play, can they choose?

The normal rule of thumb is what age will my child be on May 1st?  If they are 11 on April 30th and on May 1st they are 12 then they are 11U eligible.  We prefer that kids play within their age group because t gives them and the team the best chance to field a better team but there can always be exceptions.

What is your game and practice schedule?

Both are flexible depending on the team.  We expect coaches to discuss games and practice schedules with the parents.  We are lucky and have access to our own indoor facility so we can practice 52 weeks a year at the Dog Pound.  

What is the Dog Pound?

The Dog Pound is our own fully turfed indoor facility.  We think it is the best place in SOMD for a youth non-profit.  It has multiple hitting and pitching lanes.  There is also workout equipment for players to get stronger as well.  To schedule a visit shoot us an email at


Do you practice baseball 12 months out of the year?

Yes!  For many of our teams we put through a 12-month program.  It consists of continuous hitting, pitching, and fielding practice as well as a winter workout program.

Can I play for other teams?

Although we appreciate that some kids want to play as much as possible we encourage our kids to only guest play and not be a full time member of another team.  This is because we want players to put the success of their Next 90 team first!

Do you hold camps and can anyone participate?

Yes.  We hold camps periodically throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for any new camp.  Our players always get a discount or they are free to our guys.

Do you have instructors for personnel lessons?

We have several instructors listed on our website.

How are fundraisers and sponsors handled?

In our travel program the majority of fundraising is done by the team and the proceeds stay with that team.  The same goes for sponsors.  If we receive a sponsor for out recreational program that sponsorship will support all teams in the league.  

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